22, born and raised in North Carolina. Aquarius. Tattoo and suspension enthusiast. Almost-college-graduate. Amateur model.
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Anonymous asked: Any helpful tips for finding a job when your tattooed? I've never had a job. Not having work experience annnd having many visible tattoos is making it even more difficult to find some summer work.

Any time you enter the establishment, have your tattoos covered and behave professionally. Picking up an application, delivering a resume, or going to an interview, cover them. It sucks wearing sleeves and pants in the summer but if employment is important to you sacrifices must be made. If tattoos are not mentioned in their dress code/uniform guide, don’t bring it up. If they’re specifically mentioned as not OK, make your potential employer aware that you have them but are able and willing to cover them. Be extremely outgoing and friendly. Most of my employers didn’t know how tattooed I was until my first day of work (at which point they can’t do anything if it isn’t explicitly in the employee handbook or dress code). Apply everywhere you can. Some places are getting more lenient about it! Good luck!

Anonymous asked: soooo um, what ever happened to the pictures from that shoot you did with the other girl and the black lingerie? Thought they'd be up soon :(

Unfortunately (for you fine folks) we have decided to submit that photoset for publication in a fashion magazine and therefore cannot share them on social media sites (they will not print them if they’re on Facebook/tumblr/etc). Hopefully she will edit some extras that can be shared online, but otherwise I can’t promise you’ll get to see them. =X sorry!