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"no one can love you until you love yourself"

that is complete bullshit

don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve love from other people because you struggle with loving yourself


All of you should…

To me, this quote means something more like, “You can’t be happy with someone until you can be happy by yourself.” People tend to see a relationship as a “fix-all”. Like, Oh, if I can find THE ONE, and settle down, me and bae will be so happy, everything will be great. But in reality, you can’t escape your current problems, your mental health, or anything else, by distracting yourself with a lover. In the end, you need to conquer your own battles and face your demons alone before you can honestly give any part of yourself to someone else, or ask them to give a part of themselves to you.

Anonymous asked: Why are you so worried about people seeing your nipples? Literally everyone has them.

I don’t care if people see my nipples, but my current/future employer may care about my nipples floating around on the internet.




The Rethink Homelessness campaign aims to dispel stereotypes and remind us that the circumstances which lead to living on the streets could happen to each and every one of us.

What people have done, or what caused them to become homeless shouldn’t have any relevance on the fact that they are human beings that deserve shelter and food. And this shit kind of reeks of “these people don’t deserve to be homeless because they have degrees or had jobs and aren’t addicts or mentally unstable” when no one deserves homelessness.

This is powerful. Signal boost, people!

I think you’re kind of missing the point, nerdpunk..… Yes, it’s true nobody deserves to be homeless. However, sadly, according to *MOST* upper-white-middle-class republicans, homeless people “did it to themselves”. “Didn’t work hard enough/didn’t go to college/didn’t dream big enough” whatever the fuck. They blame and shame homeless people to make themselves feel better for “doing it right and working hard!”. They don’t seem to realize that ANYONE could end up without a roof over their heads tomorrow. I think this series is amazing and well-done.

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I was in the beer aisle at Publix supermarket and I felt eyes on me. Saw an old man staring at me, so I stared back. He turned and very slowly shook his head as he walked off.

Pre-judging for the win, eh?

See, at the moment I have a darker forest green liberty-spiked mohawk. I know that I look…

Anonymous asked: Your goal for the rest of the year is a good one. I found that happiness can't be contingent upon other people, it has to come from within. You should also set a goal to do more modeling cause you rule

Thank you for the words of motivation, anon. I truly appreciate it.

My goal for the rest of 2014 is happy independence. I need to stop looking to others to fill the gaps.

Because I have no self respect or something like that.